Is an interesting concept, and it’s one that we are all a little uncomfortable with.Things are fine just as they are… everything is going swimmingly… why rock the boat? Bottom line is that this philosophy is a dead end. All we actually have is this moment, this exact split second that we exist in. Everything else is either behind us or ahead of us.

Around here there’s been a log-jam of sorts and it’s one that is about to break. There are major changes coming to our little boutique record shop and they are all very positive. Some old friends are departing and moving forward on a new path. We wish them well and know that they will always be a part of who we are and where we come from. New friends are joining us on a path that none of us really knows or understands. The old guard and the old ways have been relegated to the dust bin. The future is unwritten and the fact remains that our business has become an unfamiliar landscape for those of us who grew up in an era where art and music were upheld, valued and cherished.

Sometimes it seems that those days have been completely forgotten… “what’s your cross marketing scheme?”, “you need to go viral!”, “just give everything away!”, “all we need is one placement!”.

These catch phrases have nothing to do with the value of great art and the creative process. They are symptoms of a disease that puts the dollar before all else and which saps every shred of celebration and enjoyment that should be permeating our art, our world, our craft and ourselves.

Unfortunately the state of our industry has forced many to accept this philosophy as dictum. With so many artists and so little revenue to be gained, we are all seeking solutions that will allow us to continue to be creative while enjoying the basic comforts of life.

Moving forward is always a challenge but it’s the one direction we are all going in as a community. It’s the fundamental thread of life, it’s the fundamental thread of art.

We pledge to remain true to ourselves and true to our imaginations. We will support artists and songwriters that we feel have something important or relevant to share with all of us. These are the artists who have the ability to make us feel proud to be ourselves and share in our hopes, our pains, our joys and sorrows.  They are our friends… and they are playing music in our bars, our clubs, in our backyards at parties and in their bedrooms at night.

We help them grow and develop, to learn and to succeed. We are facilitators, educators, enablers and even co-conspirators. Something that the corporations gave up on a long time ago.

We hope that by following the simple rule of “do what you love, and love what you do” that we will weather this storm of uncertainty. And we hope that as we focus on doing what we love that the world around us will stop… take notice… and celebrate with us.

Change is uncertain, projections are not results, the finish line is nowhere in sight.  But we are going to keep on making indie records in a corporate world. That’s what we do.

Smoke Porterhouse


About Porterhouse Records

Indie Record Label Based In Los Angeles CA.
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