David Bowie Is Dead? The Re-Mix E.P.

“David Bowie is Dead?” The Re-Mix E.P. is available for download worldwide
and you can stream it right now! Just click on the image.


When I first started working with Sweetheart the song “David Bowie is Dead?” was an immediate standout. I just loved that it was a simple power pop song and that the vocal took an unexpected detour on the chorus that stuck out and made it unique and original.

As we started working the “XOXOX” E.P. and were looking for ways to let people know about the record, one of the ideas that lead singer and guitarist Marty Zylstra came up with was “What if we did a re-mix contest for one of the songs off the E.P.”?

That was enough for me and I was off and running. Little did I know how far around the world the idea would reach and how many amazing contributions we would receive from producers and musicians from around the globe.

The idea of a “re-mix” is pretty simple, take an existing tune, split up the various tracks of the original performance and make them available to others so they can add to and manipulate the tracks to their own ends.

We were able to obtain some solid partners in promoting the contest. Recording software giant IK Multimedia signed on as our prize sponsor and donated great packages of recording software and iOS hardware for our winners and honorable mention contestants.  Alternative Press and Exclaim Magazine also jumped on board as co-sponsors helping spread the word through their websites, social media and contest pages.

But the bottom line is we have great musical minds enter the contest and create new takes on an already great song. Entries came in from the U.K., Canada, South America, Mexico, The Netherlands and the U.S. It was truly a global affair.

In fact we were so thrilled with the results that we decided to release an E.P. of the Sweetheart band members favorite five re-mixes. A pitched battle was fought and not everyone in the band got their way but in the end the best of the best made it onto the E.P. and in turn to the ears of the rest of the world.

Contests like these can be a huge plus for a band. Not only do you get exposure for your artists in the media with a positive story of community outreach and involvement, you also get to pull other music makers and mixers into your world. In turn they help spread the word about the project to their friends and people they do business with. To think we would have had such a world-wide response to the contest was unbelievable.

The E.P. is now available for digital sales worldwide on our imprint Porterhouse 101 and if you are a fan of Sweetheart and like the tune “David Bowie is Dead?” you are going to really enjoy hearing the 5 different versions of the song that grace the new release.  A heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the contest and helped to make the event and this new re-mix E.P. a success! Feel free to drop by the Porterhouse website and stream the record anytime.

Smoke Porterhouse


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